Never Give Up



Water Your Garden - Never Give Up!

Imagine your life is like an old weed-covered garden.

The first step is to dig in, go deep to root out the weeds and fallow ground. Next, it is necessary to water your garden.

Begin to allow the Living Water of God’s Word to flow into your life no matter how bad you feel right now. Water causes living things to live.

Never give up. The Lord Jesus wants to heal your broken heart more than you want to be healed and knows exactly when you are ready to look up to reach to His waiting hand outstretched from Heaven to you.

Just because you have not experienced an answer to your prayer until now does not change the laws of God.

God wills that no one should perish. Thus, He will find you at the time appointed in eternity for Him to find you.

While I was lost in sin, I became an unconscious pawn of Satan doing his work, using others, harming others.

There was a period of about one year that I honestly thought I was possessed, even though I had never consciously given my heart to the devil.

However, my lifestyle choices did open the door to his horrible oppression. Yet, even as dark as my life was, God did not reject me. Neither will HE reject you.

When I finally reached the end of myself when I was 22 years old. I discovered that God had found me while I was very much in sin.

I didn’t find Him. I didn’t even want Him. Instead, I shook my fist at heaven, and said defiantly: ‘Big Guy! If you are real! If you really love me! Then prove it! I am a skeptic!’

He did. He has. He is still today proving Himself over and over.

When He found me, literally He pulled me up from my pit of sin. I was truly going under for the third time.

Just as the verse above reads, He pulled me out of the miry clay, put me on a solid rock and put a new song in my mouth.

Dear one, you too have a new song waiting for you.

All you have to do is be so fed up with your old life, so ready to make a change that you are at that point in life that all you can do is cry ‘HELP.’

Nothing more, just ‘Help!’ Guess what? That is when the Lord does His greatest work. Start your process by ‘looking up’ and crying: ‘Jesus Help Me!’ He always answers such a heartfelt prayer.