If I was violated


Abused - Molested - Beaten - Robbed


Those who have suffered violations such as abuse, molestation, muggings, getting beat up, getting robbed, getting fired, being raped by another man, defrauded by a friend, complete this page.

If I am not an abortion victim, how can I grieve my losses effectively? (Rape, incest, abuse, neglect and other loss issues)

When the violation occurred in your life, something was taken from you. In the case of a sexual violation, you lost perhaps your virginity, purity, innocence, or self-worth. In areas of emotional violations usually, the loss is one of self-worth, the ability to function as a whole person, relationship and so forth.

In the case of neglect, the loss was something you never experienced. Something rightfully yours was withheld.

To help you discover the losses use the “MY BROKEN HEART.” illustration to list all the things you have lost.

The purpose of this paper heart is to give you a tangible object to use in resolving the loss issues in your life.

The paper heart has cracks on it that represent the brokenness these wounds have caused in your life. During the time that abortion victims are sharing about their baby, you should be prepared to share about what the impact of the losses in your life.

It has been said, “A trembling lower lip may be more the sign of a true Christian than a stiff upper lip.” A review of the New Testament tells us that Jesus grieved as he lost his close friend, John the Baptist, as well as when he stood outside Jerusalem and wept over their rejection of Him.

The Old Testament indicates that a grieving God says “I wail over Moab, for all Moab I cry out, I moan for the men of Kir Haresth. I weep for you.” Jeremiah 48:31.

David lost his son to death and there were real mourning and grieving that occurred as death took its toll.

There is also recorded David’s grieving his own sin and the sin of others.

When you mourn or grieve, it is likely that tears of the heart will be an important part of the process.

Watchman Nee in his book PRACTICAL ISSUES OF THIS LIFE, says:“Tears discharge what is in the heart. Tears are the outlet of the heart.”1 I like to refer to tears as silent messengers from God.

Nee goes on to suggest that when the Spirit of God stirs the innermost part of man, there will be tears of the heart as the stream of sorrow or pressure beyond measure is released from within.

Just as the natural tear duct washes foreign objects from the surface of our eye. Tears are special and normal during a grieving process. “Tears express that which is inside a person.”

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