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You are about to start the best of recovery for men for a number of reasons. It’s more powerful, more flexible,

Biblically-on-track, and fully supported than your typical recovery material and now it is online as a free help tool to thousands who otherwise may not attend other recovery or counseling programs.

Proven Results!

This is why we have created MY HEALING CHOICE for MEN.

Our reach through the internet is global serving the missing and underserved male victims of abortion so far through 128 countries throughout the world.

Instant, confidential access to our intake surveys, the course, our exercise worksheets and even a copy of the book online, making this course unlike any other in the field.

How we Differ!

First, we understand men. We understand why you can’t cry easily. We understand how you react to stress.

Thus, we invite you to agree that you need help to figure out why you hurt. The key is we have to get it done together!

It will be difficult to solve your problem alone, but together you can find the answer.

This is a safe place to deal with your pain. No one is going to judge you.

You don’t even have to tell us your real name.

We want to give you a means to take action to overcome your private pain.

Therapists require to you come into a private office and lay on the couch to tell your story.

Pregnancy centers offer women lots of help but rarely help men.

Thus, we want to do things differently.You don’t have to lay on a couch, you don’t have to pay an expensive therapy.

You never have to sit across from another man to tell you the story.

Rather than having to attend a multi-week recovery support group, sir, you can take control of your healing experience privately right here, right now.

Millions more, just like you sir, are “out here” and are online. That’s one reason our restoration services have helped more than 36,000 thus far. How? By creating a free, easy to use restoration course supported in many ways.

However, the best reason why we are different is the ONE who authored the course and birthed this ministry!

The ONE who is the healer of this world and the ONE who will never leave you or forsake you!

The course is never out of date because of the timeless, proven precepts and principles that are the basis of this course.

By accessing this course, you sir, will be introduced to HIS PRESENCE.

In HIS PRESENCE, there is healing. This course is not static, but always growing and is fully mobile for any size device.

(* Source: “In Your Presence” being sung by Chris Brown of Elevation Worship. It is on the full-length album “Nothing Is Wasted” available in stores and on iTunes.)

The Course files are listed on the right sidebar.

Move through the course at your own pace. Feedback throughout the course with the author.

Ask any question of the author!


Let's get started! Are you ready!

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