Chapter Two: Impact of your Past


Discover through SELF-EXAMINATION everything not of God in your life! Are you ready!


“Self-Examination” is the process of looking inside our heart of hearts to get to the root of our pain.

Too often, we bury our painful experiences so that we can cope with them as we live.

“Self-Examination” helps you go deep into your memory and feelings to be able to identify the source of your pain.

Only then can we get the junk up to the surface and into the light so that Satan no longer has control of the LIGHT OF JESUS CHRIST EXPOSES EVERY EVIL WORK OF DARKNESS!

Have you caused an abortion?
Did you want the baby but she went ahead to have the abortion?
Have you been part of rape?
Have you been part of Gang rape?
How many women have you been intimate with?
How often do you watch porn?
How often do you masturbate?
In your anger your source of profanity?

PRINCIPLE: Anything hidden has the power to harm you. Anything brought into the light will render that power to harm you harmless.

Let’s get started in Chapter Two.

May the exercises and worksheets be of help to you in this most critical first stage of recovery.

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