Ants in my past


Discover through SELF-EXAMINATION everything not of God in your life! Are you ready!

How has my past eaten away at my life?

Thinking of your life like a wonderful piece of cake that has been laid aside. How have the ‘ants’ of this past swarmed upon you and destroyed you?
ants in your life

Since the first man, humans have wanted to run away from sin’s reality.

We try to hide it and pretend it never happened. However, you must understand that there is no place that you can run from God to hide anything.

There is not a place where you can hide your thoughts, feelings or fears.

When we bury or lay aside our pain, our life becomes like a piece of cake that has been discarded. Ants instinctively begin feeding on discarded food. How has your life been destroyed by the ‘ants’ of your life?

Men distance themselves from their emotions. A man that laughs at inappropriate times is a man distancing from his emotions.

Yet, how can you be authentic with others if you can’t or won’t allow yourself to get to the bottom of your problems?

If you are sick and tired of what is going on in your life, then you need to know that you can’t say goodbye to something you have not said hello to.

I know that your normally sad, mad or glad. Further, I know you have been culturally conditioned to avoid your feelings.

Some of you have had your emotions beat out of you, telling you big boys don’t cry.

Thus, I challenge you, sir, to resolve yourself to get this course done.

Even if this course makes you want to get up and run away. WHY? because it will help you find healing.

Imagine we are on the 1-yard line. We have 99 yards to go.

The other team is going to do everything they can to stop you in your tracks.

But, with the help of these pages, you can read, think, process, then move to the next page.

Don’t think of this as a book and jump to the last page to see what happens at the end. Every page is interconnected to the next page.

Many men who are victims of traumatic violations or life choices end up disassociating or running from their feelings in an effort to prevent themselves from being hurt again.

Men think if the going gets tough, I will just disassociate with it to distance myself from the feeling of discomfort.

If someone points out your faults, you either want to fight (do something about it) or flight (run away from it.)

Buddy, that is why it is so important that you commit to yourself, promise yourself that you are going to go with the flow of this course and get it done. That’s the only way we will get to the goal line!

What event(s) in your life has brought you to this course?

What has your past really done to your present life?