My Healing Choice for Men!

The forgotten victim of abortion's aftermath!

About My Healing Choice for Men

Overcoming a Life with Pains from the Past
begins with a choice! YOUR CHOICE! Let it be!

It is a process! It is your process, sir! It is a process we call My Healing Choice for Men! Over 4,433 men have used this course since launching it online in June 2015,

WHY? Because it involves many choices you will be making in the days to come. The most important choice is to say I Need Help!

Choices to either move toward healing and restoration or to move away from healing back in to your pain.

Thus, this process starts with a choice: Will you start this proven process to overcome your hidden hurts?

My Healing Choice for Men will allow you to “EXAMINE YOURSELF”

Examining yourself will help you identify why you hurt! This gives you the ability to move forward!

We all face many choices before we are healed and restored.


The Goal of this course

The Goal of this Course

MyHealingChoice For Men, the online course, is based on the proven and effective FREE ME TO LIVE  workbook course.

It is a series of key processes, mixed with personal study helps and helpful exercises.

  The goal of this is to help you move closer to your healing and further away from your painful past.

It is a process you can complete at your own pace! No meetings to attend. No travel costs. Plans to fit every man.



Convenience – the ease of being able to ‘communicate’ and discuss this on their computer, in the privacy of their own home, at times that are convenient for them.
Privacy – the anonymity of using a computer and not having to talk face to face right away about what was and is for some a totally upsetting and incredibly painful issue.
Safety – they like not having to use their real name, and be private.
Ease – Also for many, it is easier to type things than to write them, especially when it comes to this issue!

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