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The Living History of FREE ME TO LIVE

The ministry of Last Harvest began in Oct. 1984. It’s purpose was to promulgate the Gospel of Jesus Christ by providing practical help to those facing the unplanned, unwanted pregnancy and those hurt by life’s most dominating issues stemming from abortion, rape, incest and abuse(s).

April 1985

A 2000 square foot, sonogram-based pregnancy center was opened next door to an abortion center in Dallas, Tx. During 1985 and 1986 we grew to an amazing 1300 babies saved from next door and 92% abortion-minded changing their mind after coming to our help center. During this time, the need for help for the woman after an abortion became clear. But, resources were few. January 22, 1987, Ken Freeman appeared on PTL-Television Network where 18,000 requested his audio tape: “Overcoming Abortion’s Aftermath.” The following 6,000 phone calls resulted in the writing of “Healing the Hurts of Abortion” which during the years 1987-1993 those who were using the effective workbook and Biblical approach expanded to over 400 active support groups. Many facilitators of that workbook kept asking if the model be adaptable to abuse, rape and incest issues.

October 1987 First Public Support Group

This support group was attended by 13 women and 5 men. In the group were 33 abortions, 8 cases of childhood molestation/incest, 4 cases of rape/date-rape, and included 12 different theological faith backgrounds. This photo is the only photo I have from that historic first support group. This was taken after the memorial service.
Free me to live

January 1993

FREE ME TO LIVE was introduced as a new gender-neutral and issue-neutral and greatly expanded and amplified model of WHOLE PERSON healing. We recognized the need for MEN, WOMEN and COUPLE recovery, thus the carefully-crafted new workbook fit all various applications. The first support group to visit our new Marshall, Tx held our first ever memorial service there. This photo is a photo of them doing their balloon release off the deck of the then-popular recovery facility.
Free me to live

April 1997 FREE ME TO LIVE was placed on the Internet

The original site showcased the workbook and allowed people to place orders. Through the years, more than 35,000 copies have been printed and distributed to individuals, small groups meeting in churches and pregnancy centers and Christian psychologists needing a model to serve the after abortion individuals coming to their door.

September 2012 MY HEALING CHOICE goes live online is an online, on-demand version of FREE ME TO LIVE, that a person can take at their one pace from their desktop or cell-phone. It is a course that is free to individuals. However, an optional version allows them to receive a copy of the workbook and another optional version allows them to have the workbook along with an online mentor who works with them as they go through the course. The updated, modernized, mobil-ready version was redone in 2015 and since 2015, 14,000 women have taken the course. Register for this course which is free-of-charge now!


Join our family of user/alumni. Join our team as a care-leader to others. This course has been in the field changing lives longer than only one other book which is no longer in print. Free Me to Live has touched the lives of over 36,000 so far. As new books arise, the proven process of FREE ME TO LIVE has never wavered. Start your own journey to freedom by ordering your own copy of the life-changing, life-lifting FREE ME TO LIVE RIGHT NOW!


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