Free Me to Live Restores Mother Daughter

mother daughter
It has been brought to my attention that a mother and daughter have been restored because of their use of FREE ME TO LIVE to overcome the horrible, nightmare of the mother’s past and the broken relationship it caused with her daughter.

Generational curses are a major issue in recovery circles. It is clear that when the Bible speaks of generational curses to the fourth generation, they are real. Thus, a young mother who have been abused, raped, suffered through abortion and divorce, abandonment and/or rejection often extends those same feelings and curses onto her offspring. In the pregnancy center environment, it is common when a 16 year old girl comes in pregnant, we discover that her mom was pregnant at 16. The deep design of Free Me to Live that addresses renunciation from the past including soul ties and generational curses helps break those ties once and for all. Free Me to Live is gender-neutral and issue-neutral which makes it ideal for even mother daughter relationship healing. Here is a sample example of what we have seen in Free Me to Live groups.

Free Me to Live was used to restore a mother & daughter in Louisiana

A small group in southern Louisiana, held a recovery support group using FREE ME TO LIVE in 2005. The group had advertised on a local Christian radio station. The night of the first meeting, a 31 year old woman came in. A few other came in. As they shared their “stories” the 31 year old woman told of being from an abusive family as a child and then was raised by her adoptive parents when she was seven years old. Her abuse had led her into promiscuity at an early age as she searched for love. She had an abortion at 21 and then married at 23. Today she has a boy and a girl and is happily married except for the hole in her heart from the loss of her mother who had left her with her abusive father in a hostile divorce. During the next week, a few more phone calls came in about the course and a 55 year old woman had asked for help dealing with her illegal abortion 35 years ago and the loss of a daughter due to a bad divorce. When the woman came into the room, there was the common introductions and small talk until she was asked to state her name and tell her story. As she said who she was, the 31 year old woman gasped and screamed “O MY GOD!” She recognized her mother that she had not seen for over 23 years. When they learned that they both had been abused, both had experienced an abortion, the two bonded and went through the course encouraging one another. They became Mother & Daughter once again. This time both were “SET FREE!”

God is always faithful to restore that which the cankerworm has eaten. Never doubt what God can do!
Free me to Live genuinely restores broken relationships!

Free Me to Live works!

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