Overcome by Your Testimony


Overcome by sharing your testimony!.

You don’t have to spill your guts publicly, but it will be helpful to share your testimony so others can be healed. Here’s what I want you to do.

Write me or email me with a one-page testimonial of what God has done. In fact, like the leper that went back to Jesus to say thank you, will you also simply drop me a letter.

Revelation 12:11 says that we overcome by the blood of the lamb, the word of our testimony and that we do not love our life to the death.

you want to be free of shame and fear of man, you can expose the reality of sin’s hurt and share the hope that Christ has given you.

A testimony can be written, spoken, recorded for radio or television or can be shared between two people privately. One good way is to write out a one-page version of your testimony to help you organize your thoughts.

Remember, the past is past. If you have truly died to your old self, and been resurrected with Jesus Christ, there is nothing in the new you that should be shamed.

Begin your “coming out of the closet” by writing a one-page testimonial of how God has changed your life. Focus on the key facts and avoid sharing personal “dirty laundry.”

A great way to share your story when you feel healthy enough to do such is spread the word online. There you can send us your video testimonial or link if it’s on YouTube.com so that we can share your testimonial of God’s healing with others on DoesAbortionHurt.com.

Likewise, we invite you to fellowship at our FACEBOOK.

Enjoy our Daily Devotionals on AQuestForHope.com

Remember, it is not necessary to put your name on the testimonial page. We will consider your testimonial for inclusion in one of our monthly newsletters to our alumni or online newsletters.

We hope you will take this brave step toward helping others by making Revelation 12:11 come alive in your life.

It has been my privilege to serve you with this course. I would really like to stay in touch with you as you begin to live as a new creature in Christ.

May the Lord bless you and keep you in the palm of His nail-scarred hand.

May each day begin with a new prayer: “Dear Lord, spend me today for Your glory.” May you come to know more of Jesus as you hunger and thirst for righteousness.

May you know that you know that Jesus loves you. And Dear Lord Jesus, give my new friend perfect peace that passes all understanding.

Let your past be your past. Let today rejoice in the knowledge of whose you are. Let tomorrow be a hope and a joy as you know what awaits you.

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