Why you need the Holy Spirit

Why Do I need the HOLY SPIRIT?

Read Galatians 5:16-25.
Compare the works of the Flesh with the Fruit of the Spirit again.

On a piece of paper, write down the listed works of the flesh and the fruit of the Spirit you know are in your life at this time.


b. Looking at this list of the fruits of the spirit, how many of them are operative in your life at this time?

Have you ever simply asked Jesus to fill you with His Holy Spirit? I urge you to please listen to this song and pray.

You cannot find true peace in your heart outside the guidance and comfort of the Holy Spirit.

Since the Holy Spirit is available to all who believe in Jesus CHRIST, is there any reason I do not want Him operative in my life today?

Reflect for a moment on this part of the course. Many churches tell you the Holy Spirit no longer works on the earth in the hearts of man.

Others tell you that unless you speak in tongues you can’t be saved. Some tell you the gifting of the Holy Spirit are evil and of the devil.

However, the truth is this: Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to live inside man. His role is to convict, teach, lead, comfort and nurture the individual. The HOLY SPIRIT is the source of God’s living power that indwells the heart of man.

Don’t be confused. Don’t be afraid of the unseen but powerful Holy Spirit. Simply cry out in faith: ‘Holy Spirit Come upon me and live in me. I receive you with open arms.’

Do you want the fullness only the HOLY SPIRIT can provide you? Simply ask in prayer: ‘Jesus, You promised me the Holy Spirit would come to live in me to teach me, to empower me, to lead me in to all truth.

Fill me Lord. Come Holy Spirit and take Your rightful place inside my innermost being.’

Ask yourself these questions:

From what you have learned, do you understand who God is?

From what you have learned, do you understand who Jesus Christ is?

From what you have learned, do you understand who the Holy Spirit is?

How has my past impacted my faith in God?

How has what you have learned helped you to rekindle your faith in God?

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