What to Expect

what to expect

Remember, no matter who you are, what you have done, or what’s been done to you, your Creator’s love is still greater!

This is a promise that you cannot change. Even if you don’t like it, it’s real and its is a promise made from heaven.

1. You can expect a complete and deep self-examination

A carefully designed set of object lessons and worksheets to help you examine your own life.

To identify your painful life experiences, feelings, beliefs, choices, and ideas.

As you approach this personal inventory, it is not intended for you to just dwell on your past.

This is not designed to bring up the past so that you can wallow in the mire of your painfulness.

Instead, it is designed to validate the reality of your experiences in order to say good-bye to your past. A principle to remember: You cannot say good-bye to something you are too ashamed to say hello to.

There may be things too painful to even admit that they are in your life. This is understood.

However, if things in your life are still painful, they must be addressed. A second principle to remember: anything hidden has power to control you.

Anything hidden in darkness will dissipate and be revealed when exposed to the light. In the focus of heavenly light, all darkness loses its power and grip on your life.

2. You can expect significant personal support and encouragement

Typically, in small group settings, a leadership C.A.R.E. Team would offer compassionate, caring, understanding, and non-judgmental support.

However, by taking the course online at your own pace, you are assured privacy.

You support will be limited to telephone or online email support.

At all times, our organization will respect your privacy and provide you with enriching, compassionate, caring help, too. The bottom line is this: You are not alone: Someone cares for you!

3. You can expect this course to lead you through practical steps to personal growth and development

It is a resource tool to help you grow emotionally and spiritually better. It is written to help you establish new behavior in place of old habits.

It will help you establish safe boundaries in relationships and to learn how to love and be loved unconditionally.

4. You can expect to be heard

Every hurting heart cries for help. It is important that you are heard. Be assured the one who created you hears your cries.

He knows every tear you have ever sown. He cares! It is very important that you feel cared for and validated.

It is important you feel heard. Remember this, there is nothing you can say that will shock us.

You have nothing to be afraid of in sharing your story with us either via telephone or email.

Your story is safe with us. Your story is important for you to share. You need to know someone is willing to validate your feelings, fear, and pain. It is critical you know that someone really cares.

5. You can expect to learn about Hope

Hope that comes to you as a gift from your Creator’s loving nature. You will discover how this unconditional love is available to you in your immediate situation.

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