What Is My Solution

Chapter Six: What is MY SOLUTION

Here is why we have a solution to our deepest emotional/physical problems.

The Best Solution:

The ultimate act of His (GOD) love was the sacrificial crucifixion of His Son, Jesus Christ.

God loved us so much and considered us to be of such great value and importance, that He allowed His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to be sacrificed so that you and I might be redeemed.

Jesus was beaten beyond recognition and whipped with thirty-nine lashes. His flesh was ripped open with every blow.

He was nailed, without mercy, to a wooden cross and his side pierced by a sharpened-stone sword

His heart was both literally and physically broken because He bore our sin on that cross: the ultimate sacrifice for sin paid once and for all time.

In light of the great sacrifice we call the Cross of Christ, let’s look at what we receive and what Jesus has already received.


Do you know of any other person that would lay down their life just for you? Because Jesus died that you might live, what is your response?

Can I believe Jesus is my solution?

As stated before, our ideas about God, our heavenly Father, are often related to the perceptions we have of our earthly father.

For those of us who had a loving, nurturing relationship with our earthly father, we may find it easy to believe that God loves us. Others see God in a very different light.

As you consider all that Jesus did for you, consider now the next seeds of faith I need to embrace.

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