Free Me to Live


FREE ME TO LIVE is the expanded, amplified and field-tested recovery model that My Healing Choice is based on.

It’s more powerful, more flexible, more Biblically-on-track, and fully supported than typical recovery resources in the field today and now it is online as a free, do-it-at-your-own-pace help-tool that has allowed thousands find help.

Many of these who have completed this online version of the course, or those who may or may not have attended other recovery or counseling programs. This is why we offer MY HEALING CHOICE.

Our reach through the internet is global serving victims of abortion, rape, incest and many abuses so far through 128 countries throughout the world. Instant, confidential access to our intake surveys, the course, our exercise worksheets and even a downloadable copy of the book online for printing for your own personal use, make this course unlike any other in the field.

Inside the Course

Once you are inside this course, you will follow this core outline:


Free Me to Live consists of six powerful denial-erasing exercises as one goes about the process of “self-examination.”
1. My lifeLine – a chart of your life’s most memorable hurts and positive issues and events
2. How I Feel and How Do I Want to Feel – You will be asked to draw or produce a montage to represent how you feel and how you want to feel.
3. My Offenders List – a tool to help you identify who you blame for your pain.
4. My Sad Face – a tool to help you identify the “hidden things of shame” that impact your self-blame.
5. My Apple Tree – a free form drawing to help you unlock certain hidden memories.
6. A number of helpful Bible Study topics – to further enhance your “self-examination.”


1. A personal, genuine desire to change. – Are you ready to seriously change your life. Have you tried other forms of help only to see your pain remain? You must want to change more than you want to stay the same!
2. A personal, genuine willingness to examine the principles and precepts of the Bible – as it applies to your life (even if you can’t accept, understand, or believe the verses right now as being for you.)
3. A genuine personal choice to finish the journey – by completing the lessons, personal Bible study, open discussions, and to honestly face yourself.


Chapter 1 Getting Started
Chapter 2 How Has my Past Eaten Away at my Life?
Chapter 3 Getting to the Root
Chapter 4 My Story
Chapter 5 Source of my Hope and Help
Chapter 6 What is the Solution
Chapter 7 Dig a Little Deeper
Chapter 8 Who do I Blame
Chapter 9 Building Up
Chapter 10 Letting Go
Chapter 11 Celebrate Life