His Sanctification

What does this word SANCTIFICATION mean to my life?

Living your life in Christ is best described as a lifelong process the Bible refers to as SANCTIFICATION.

This is the lifelong process of being set apart from the world for the service of God.

It consists of two parts. First, God sets you apart, takes you out of the world so that you might better serve Him.

Second, God takes the world out of you but gently convicting you of all sin and coaching you from the inside – out to repent.

He has already sanctified or begun the sanctification process in you while yet in the womb before you were born.

Once you turn to Christ and repent, you only need to yield your life to the Lord to realize the beginning of your sanctification.

Laying aside the world for the Lord’s glory requires maturity, instruction, reproof, and exhortation from others in the Body of Christ.

Growing in your sanctification is a daily task for every person who wants to be who they have been created to be.

Part of being sanctified is recognizing what in our life is not of God and then removing it from ourselves.

The Bible tells us to lay aside sins that so easily beset us and to put off our old nature or self.

[toggle title="1. Ephesians 4:22-24"]
EPHESIANS 4:22-24. According to these verses, what am I to lay aside?

This also says I am to be “renewed in the “spirit of your mind” and put on the “new man.”


COLOSSIANS 3:10. According to this verse, what am I to “put

3. ROMANS 12:2

ROMANS 12:2. This verse says we are to be transformed by what?

So according to these verses can you understand that to be healed, must lay aside or “put off” the former way of life or “let go” of the painful memories of the past.

Then we must” put on” the new man made in the image of Jesus Christ.

That is, we choose to believe and accept that God’s Word says the truth about us.

Then we must continue to renew ourselves with the life-giving Word of God.

This is a process of replacing the old with the new.

You must begin to renew your mind with the TRUE messages concerning your God-given identity.

As far as God is concerned, you are NOT defective, you are NOT inadequate, you are NOT a failure: YOU ARE A CHILD OF THE KING!

The remaining lessons in this study will help you see yourself as God sees you.

Nothing can add to the death of Christ to pay for our sins and the resurrection of Christ to give us new life.

We are complete because Christ has forgiven us and given us a new life.

Further, He gives you the ability to change. You can experience these gifts of God no matter what you’ve been through in the past. You can be set free!


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