Four Purposes

What are Four PURPOSES of Free Me to Live?

1. To provide you with a compassionate tool for support, instruction, and guidance

It is designed to help you integrate the promises of God’s Truth into your innermost-being so that you can be made whole and complete.

Small group settings provide warm, Christian fellowship designed to facilitate restoration of your wounded soul and spirit.

2. To provide you with a clear understanding

You will come to understand the Biblical process of putting off the old and putting on the new so that you might find hope and help.

3. To provide you with a tool

A tool to use for the rest of your life in addressing hurtful experiences, based upon the exchange that Jesus died on the Cross to give you.

4. To facilitate eternal change in your life perspective

You will be able to change from victim to victor, from oppressed to overcomer, from spiritually dead to spiritually alive.

The journey through Free Me to Live is easily completed in a matter of weeks when used within a small group setting.

Optionally, an individual may work through this entire workbook in a matter of days when using our printed workbook syllabus individually or utilizing this online course.

No matter how you complete this resource, the important key is that you complete every page, look up every verse, and complete each exercise.

The process is a practical step upon step restoration concept based upon getting to the root of your problems.

Every life-dominating issue has a root cause. No symptom stands alone.

All known symptoms, such as depression, guilt, shame, anxiety, unforgiveness and such have specific root causes. They typically don’t just happen.

As you dig deep beneath the surface to find the root causes in your life, you will come to learn more about yourself than perhaps you have ever known before.

As you take your personal inventory, you will discover things about yourself that may seem too painful to address, things you don’t want to relive.

However, it is important to allow yourself to do the work of self-examination. Your restoration depends upon how honest you are with yourself in this first phase. Ask yourself: Are you afraid of facing your past?

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