Ants in my past

ants in your life

How has my past eaten away at my life?

Thinking of your life like a wonderful piece of cake that has been laid aside. How have the ‘ants’ of this past swarmed upon you and destroyed you?

Since the first man, humans have wanted to run away from sin’s reality. We try to hide it and pretend it never happened.

However, you must understand that there is no place that you can run from God to hide anything.

There is not a place where you can hide your thoughts, feelings or fears.

When we bury or lay aside our pain, our life becomes like a piece of cake that has been discarded.

Ants instinctively begin feeding on discarded food. How has your life been destroyed by the ‘ants’ of your life?


When this author was a young man, I got into a lot of trouble because of drugs and alcohol.

In fact, the year I turned 21 years old, I did so many things that harmed me and others emotionally, that I essentially blocked the memory from my mind.

For several years I tried not to think about my past. I even tried not to talk about my past.

Eighteen years later, I had an occasion to return to the city where my past occurred.

I found it very haunting and disturbing to drive past the house where I lived while in college.

The memories were very much alive and to my surprise, they were unresolved. They were still there trying to drag me down.

Like me, many victims of traumatic violations or life choices end up disassociating from their feelings in an effort to prevent themselves from being hurt again.

It was the trip back to my college town that caused me to look back and recognize that the feelings were real and present in my life.

What event in your life has brought you to this course?

What has your past really done to your present life?


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