about the author
Pastor Ken Freeman, authored HEALING THE HURTS OF ABORTION in 1987 and FREE ME TO LIVE in 1993 and has trained 2,600 directors and staff of Pregnancy Resource Centers since 1987.

The first course written was Healing the Hurts of Abortion (1987) After hundreds of clients taking the course, we realized the need for a deeper, broader, whole-person recovery course.

A total of 2,600 pregnancy center directors and staff members were trained during the years 1987-1997 and another 950 have been trained online since putting our training online.

Thus, FREE ME TO LIVE is a gender-neutral, issue-neutral Bible-based course that is designed to get to the root of the problem and solve it by making positive choices that result in your healing and being set free from your past. It is a course that has been field-tested time and time again. We know it works!

Pastor Ken married his wife, Ann in 1968. Today, they have three children and eight grandchildren with a 9th on the way.

The ministry, Last Harvest Ministries, Inc., was formed in 1984.In 2015, the ministry officially closed the non-profit and reopened as a rebranded, repurposed organization known as Last Harvest-The Outreach. Today, the outreach operates 21 websites that offer help to thousands every year. In fact, close to 5 million visitors come to our network annually.

Last Harvest.org

As of 2015, we are operating a fresh, international outreach called Last Harvest – The Outreach.. Take a look and learn about our new vision.

Now, enjoy your healing at My Healing Choice, and please, if you need prayer or someone to talk to through this course, contact me by email! I will follow up with a call, or if you prefer, indicate where (name of center) you learned about this course, that center can be your follow up contact!