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Questions and Answers About This Course!

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As you consider taking this course, we realize you may have questions about the nature of the course, how long it will take, how you will feel as you take the course.

That is why we have prepared these “frequently asked questions.” We want to help make this time of your recovery as effective and personal as possible online.

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Questions and Answers About This Course!

This course is a Bible-based recovery course based on the time-tested and field-proven course called “FREE ME TO LIVE” written by Ken Freeman. This course came about in 1993 after three years of trial tests, as the expanded and amplified course version of our first workbook, called “HEALING THE HURTS OF ABORTION,” written in 1987. My Healing Choice For Men is an online and on-demand distance learning course version of our gender-neutral and issue-neutral “FREE ME TO LIVE” course, that has been custom-tailored just for men. Inside this course, you will cover 450 Bible passages, experience 14 difference object-lessons, plus learn the principles of how to forgive and be forgiven and how let go of the deepest innermost painful memories.


MEN, of course!

This online training is for any man or woman hurting from life-dominating hurts. Hurts that are traceable to life choices you made, that others made for you you including abortion, rape, incest, abuse(s) of any kind. Abuse alone has such a large family of pain: religious abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, spiritual abuse, financial abuse, sexual abuse, ritualized abuse and more. Rape and date rape by men against women and done to you by other men, Incest includes sexual molestation as a child through sexual abuse as a teenager. Abortion is a major issue especially if you coerced someone into the abortion or wanted the baby but she aborted anyway. Men who harm others often hurt themselves. Our sin hurts us. Sin scars run deep! Those who have been hurt either by the event itself, or by being the cause of the event are men likely to benefit from this course. The principles of contained within this course are life-changing principles that have never changed for two thousand years. To discover if you need our help, take our Men’s Survey


As long as you need it!

This course will take you on average, about one hour a day for about ten days to complete the 11 chapters and complete all the exercise worksheets. Of course, you can always rush through the course, but this will not give you the time it takes to honestly examine your own self. Healing takes time. Give yourself the time you need to be able to focus on yourself. You may need time to think about these things. You may want to speak with someone. If you need to ask about this course, remember you have up to six phone calls to Pastor Ken Freeman as part of your course.


Free to take the course - $25.75 to order a copy of FREE ME TO LIVE!

You can take absolutely free of any charge. If you choose to purchase the “FREE ME TO LIVE” workbook you will pay $25.75 total with shipping.