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When he was only 18 years old, his girl friend said those frightening words, “I think I’m pregnant!” As a senior in high school, I could not fatham being a dad at 18 years old! Thus, in my lost, rock n roll, sex and drugs life. ,.

Working with my Pastor and much repentant prayer, I started praying about how to help others. Last Harvest Ministries, Inc. was formed 1984 and before I knew it, 2000 square feet of office space was donated placing me right next door to an abortion clinic.

Seeing the patients from next door simply called me to have compassion for them. Many were invited in out of the heat to our air-conditioned office to use our phone. Once in our office, they would break down sharing their pain.

In late, 1986, NARAL NYC and ABC TV’s “West 57th St” TV Show called us a “FAKE BOGUS CLINIC” on national primetime television. I lost our support and had to close the office.

In January of 1987, I was invited to be on PTL with Jim & Tammy Bakker for the “Abortion Special Show.” That event led 18,000 to request my audio tape “Overcoming Abortion’s Aftermath” which led to 6,000 phone calls for help. Thus, Healing the Hurts of Abortion was written. Our first pilot study recovery group was held. That group was made up of 13 women and 5 men. In the room, we had 33 abortions, 8 cases of incest, 4 cases of rape, and 4 of the men were the fathers of aborted babies.

In 1988, he authored the first training manual for pregnancy centers to use to train new facilitators. During the years 1988-1997 over 100 regional training events were conducted in 24 states, reaching and equipping 2500 directors and staff of Pregnancy Resource centers.

Working with men, both in recovery and in training events, led to a meeting with men leaders of recovery from all over the United States to research and define what men needed in the form of Biblical recovery.

Out of that meeting came Conqueror’s men’s materials, Wayne Brauning’s “Men & Abortion”, Warren Williams “Missing Arrows” and my Healing the Hurts of Abortion for Men.

He has authored the expanded/amplified gender-neutral, issue-neutral FREE ME TO LIVE in 1993 and watch the door open to all kinds of hurting people from every aspect of life, both men and women, couples, including hundreds of cases of SRA (satanic ritual abuse)

He married Ann in 1968. Today, as they celebrate nearly five decades of marriage, they have three grown children ages 49,47 and 36 and eight grand-children ranging in age, 5 years -26 years old.

They raised from birth and adopted their grandson, Isaiah, who is our amazing son on the way to be a roller coaster design engineer. He says “Isaiah is the one who keeps me young!”

In 2016, following being a victim of a massive Nigerian scam, he was jailed for receiving stolen money from the scam. Thankfully, after 110 days, he was released. That experience, opened his eyes to the needs of the prisoner of todays jails and prisons. Thus, this online course is having a major new market serving those darkened tanks with hope.

The ministry, Last Harvest Ministries, Inc., was formed in 1984. In 2015, the non-profit was closed and rebirthed, refocused, rebranded into today’s Last Harvest-The Outreach.

Today, the outreach spans multiple websites that offer help to multitude thousands every years. In fact, close to 3 million visitors come to our outreach network of websites annually. Thank you, sir, for stopping by today! I can’t wait to hear from you!

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