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My Healing Choice! A help to those who are hurting! 

Women around the world are experiencing abortion. Others have been raped. Many have been the victims of incest or childhood molestation.

Others have been verbally, emotionally, physically, and sexually abused and used. By registering for the absolutely free My Healing Choice, you are entering a course that has served women of almost every age group, race, ethic background, social-economic background and faith belief.

However, it is a course that has consistently worked. It has worked for mothers, single women, prostitutes, lesbians, and victims of all forms of abuse, even Satanic ritual abuse. My Healing Choice is about the choice you have to make to seek help when you can’t make the pain go away. You will discover hope inside this course!



My Healing Choice, is a recovery course done at your own pace!


 Welcome to My Healing Choice! 

Overcoming a Life with Pains from the Past
begins with a choice! YOUR CHOICE! Let it be My Healing Choice!

This course has thus far, be the choice of over 11,656 women since the this site was launched three years ago. Currently this year, 3680 have visited this course. My Healing Choice is an in-depth recovery course designed for women, in particular. Whether your pain has been caused by abortion, rape, incest, abuse, even ritual abuse, this course works.

My Healing Choice is based on the FREE ME TO LIVE course that has served over 36,000 through recovery support in the United States and Canada since 1993.

My Healing Choice for Men!

The forgotten victim of abortion's aftermath!

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Your overcoming process, we call My Healing Choice involves many choices you will make either to move toward healing or to move away from healing. Will you start this proven process or will your reject this help and keep looking for something else? My Healing Choice will allow you to give yourself permission to “EXAMINE YOURSELF” or are you too afraid to face yourself? We all face many choices before we are healed and restored.

My Healing Choice for Men , the online course for men, is based on the proven and effective FREE ME TO LIVE  workbook course. It is a series of key processes, mixed with personal study helps and helpful exercises.

The goal of this is to help you move closer to your healing and further away from your painful past. It is a process you can complete at your own pace! No meetings to attend. No babysitters to arrange. No travel costs.

GET STARTED RIGHT NOW! Join this course for your own personal benefit!

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As you think about your hurts and painful thoughts, what are you going to do about it? No one else is going to do it for you. It is your choice to either remain in pain or seek help to overcome. My Healing Choice is just such a resource for either a man or a woman. Mail powered by TinyLetter